TCB Jeans Wrecking Crew Pants



Based on the features often found in the overalls from 40’s or 50’s, We’ve recreated these pants in this modern world.
Although the fabric is 11.3OZ selvedge denim woven in Japan by a vintage loom machine, we don’t use the selvedge on the product because it was the way these pants used to be made. It is with the specific slubbiness and the tinge on the surface.

The color is a bit of cheapskate, if you might think, but light indigo in a good sense, which is the exact color I pursued for for this pants.
With the pre-dyed grey yarn for the wefts, you might be thinking that you shouldn’t have a high expectation for nice fades though, it’s well capable of jaw dropping gorgeous fades after some time of wear.

Brass-made donut buttons and twp-pronged dot buttons are used.
We also payed a great attention to how the bartacks were attached those days.
For the chain stitching on the back waist part, we’ve even made a special thread guiding part for our vintage Union Special to make realize every single detail in the same was as the vintage ones.
You can tell it at the first sight on the pants in person and as you wear it will eventually more apparent with the fades.


Fabric:11.3oz selvedge denim/ COTTON 100%
Buttons:Brass-made donut buttons and dot buttons with two prong nails on the chest
Sewing:Cotton threads

DESIGNED and MADE in Kojima, Japan, only by TCB crew.

Waist: 83cm
Inseam Length: 75cm
Rise: 30.5cm
Thigh Length: 36.8cm
Hem: 24cm

Waist: 88cm
Inseam Length: 75cm
Rise: 31cm
Thigh Length: 38cm
Hem: 25cm

Waist: 93cm
Inseam Length: 75cm
Rise: 31.5cm
Thigh Length: 39cm
Hem: 26cm

Waist: 98cm
Inseam Length: 75cm
Rise: 32cm
Thigh Length: 40.5cm
Hem: 27cm

Waist: 103cm
Length: 75cm
Rise: 32.5cm
Thigh Length: 41.8cm
Hem: 28cm

Waist: 108cm
Length: 75cm
Rise: 34cm
Thigh Length: 42.5cm
Hem: 28.5cm

Waist: 112cm
Length: 75cm
Rise: 34cm
Thigh Length: 42.5cm
Hem: 28.5cm

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