Sasta X Myssyfarmi Beanie, Hunters Orange


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Myssy x Sasta

The warmest collaboration of rural Finland is Myssy x Sasta, a truly authentic wilderness brand.

This genuine hunting wool hat has been handmade by Myssy Grannies of 100% organic Finnsheep wool.The hat should be tight, to begin with, within the first weeks of use, it will stretch out to match your head perfectly. The Finnish hunting law requires moose hunters to wear bright orange for visibility and safety, but the hat can also be worn downtown not just for visibility, but to reflect deeper values of truly being connected with nature.

The story of Sasta is also a story about ingenuity and perseverance. What we call innovation today, was simply the need of a young man in Nurmes, Finland some 50 years ago to have the best outfit for his hunting trips in the wilderness of Northern Karelia. The first hunting outfit made by Sasta was made of SARKA wool.

Hunting has an essential role in the cultural history of rural Finland and still today it is growing popularity also among the urban troopers, who want to harvest their very own clean food – forest to table.

Made in Finland