Red Wing 87519, Exclusive Limited Edition


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Red Wing Heritage 87519 is an exclusive special edition Moc Toe with a twist.

New and unique Leather: Oro Harness
Oro Harness is a hybrid between Amber Harness and Oro Legacy. It has a color closer to Amber but the base formula and finishing of Legacy.
This leather is made from Oro Legacy crust that was not approved at the tannery because the color was a bit off for our usual 875 boots. At the time we developed the 87519 boot there was 6.000 feet of this leather available create a new leather. This new leather became the new “Oro Harness” color. Rather than throwing out this leather, we re-worked into this special one-time leather application. This is the beauty of having our own tannery. We can utilize these opportunities to make unique and limited leather stories.

Special features:
Black special label
Embossed on Right inside panel
Embossed outside of the gusset
Leather and Taslan lace
Special Upper Tier Box

Made in USA

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