Naked & Famous Women`s – The High Skinny 11 Oz Stretch Selvage

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  • W 26 L 32
  • W 27 L 32
  • W 28 L 32
  • W 30 L 32
  • W 31 L 32
  • W 32 L 32

The Naked & Famous Denim ” The High Skinny ” is a high rise skinny jean that slims though the thigh and tapers down to a small leg opening.

11oz lightweight indigo rope dyed Japanese selvedge denim, woven on vintage shuttle looms in a right hand twill construction. The Indigo dyed warp and white weft combined with a red line selvedge ID give these jeans a classic look. The fabric is tightly woven gibing the jeans a uniform surface appearance. This denim is made with 2% stretch for added comfort, without compromising durability. Rinse-washed.

Made in Canada

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