Naked and Famous x King Of Lords x Weird Guy 23oz Selvedge

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King Of Lords Selvedge

The King of Lords Selvedge is a 23oz Japanese selvedge denim merging the King of Slub and Lord of Nep to create the slubbiest and neppiest denim ever achieved. The denim is created by combining the extremely irregular shaped and bumpy King of Slub yarn on the exterior warp, and the super textured and knotted Lord of Nep yarns on the interior weft. Woven on vintage shuttle looms at a low tension to further intensify the texture. Over time with wear, as the indigo starts to fade, a wide gradient of indigo becomes visible, and the extreme thickness of the yarn allows for a three-dimensional textured fade opposite the white cotton neppy flecks. The jeans have been pre-washed to remove shrink from the fabric as the denim was too neppy to go through traditional fabric finishing processes. Other details include contrast stitching, buffalo leather patch, red selvedge ID, and silver metallic buttons and rivets.

Composition: 96% Cotton, 4% Nylon

Color: Indigo x White

Fabric Weight: 23oz

Fabric Origin: Japan

Made in: Canada


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WAIST 73.7cm 76.2cm 78.7cm 81.3cm 83.8cm 86.4cm 88.9cm 91.4cm 96.5cm 102cm 107cm 113cm 118cm
FRONT RISE 25.4cm 25.4cm 26.04cm 26.7cm 26.7cm 26.7cm 27.3cm 27.9cm 28.57cm 29.2cm 30.5cm 31.12cm 31.8cm
BACK RISE 34.3cm 34.92cm 35.6cm 36.2cm 36.2cm 36.2cm 37.47cm 37.47cm 38.1cm 38.73cm 40.01cm 40.6cm 41.27cm
UPPER THIGH 28.57cm 29.2cm 29.84cm 30.5cm 31.12cm 31.8cm 32.38cm 33cm 34.3cm 35.6cm 36.8cm 37.47cm 38.1cm
KNEE 20.3cm 20.3cm 21cm 21cm 21.6cm 22.9cm 23.5cm 24.8cm 25.4cm 26.04cm 26.7cm 27.3cm 27.9cm
LEG OPENING 17.8cm 17.8cm 17.8cm 18.4cm 19.1cm 19.7cm 20.3cm 21cm 21.6cm 21.6cm 23.5cm 24.1cm 24.1cm
INSEAM 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm 87.6cm



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