Momotaro – MLS1070M23 Heavy Indigo Dobby Shirt



DOBBY refers to a fabric woven on a loom called a dobby loom, or a type of weaving technique. Dobby looms have the feature of being able to make a regular, continuous pattern appear on the surface, creating an unevenness in the fabric itself like a knitted pattern, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. The whole fabric has a three-dimensional effect, so even a one-color fabric does not have a simple look. This product uses indigo dobby, which has a look similar to SASHIKO by weaving three yarns together. The fabric is a heavy, soft, and comfortable indigo dobby. The body width is a bit loose fitting. The uneven fabric is imagined to be a cool Fade. A cigarette pocket specification pocket is placed on the left chest. This pocket is baggy. This is to prevent the cigarettes that the old workers put in the breast pocket from getting damp with sweat.

100% cotton

Made in Japan


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