Levis`s Vintage Clothing 1920’s Balloons

160,48  80,24 

  • W29 L32
  • W30 L32
  • W31 L32
  • W32 L32

These so-called Balloon pants are a reproduction of what is perhaps one of the most beloved pair of pants from the Levi’s big archive! The fit is wide-legged with a slight taper towards the leg opening and this in combination with the fabric chosen, a 2×1 denim which is a little lighter than you usual jeans, these will truly be a pair of pants to thrive in.

It is said that the fit got its name because it is shaped like a balloon and these pants were most likely made to be worn as a casual fit, maybe as a golfer pant back in the 20s. No matter what the pants were intended for we believe it might just be the perfect fit if you prefer a higher waist and a wide leg in a fabric that will age to perfection the more it gets used.

– LVC 1920’s Balloons
– 100% cotton
– 2 x 1 indigo twill fabric
– Pre washed and won’t shrink
– Top button is a brass snap button with LS logo
– Button fly
– Belt loops
– Made in Turkey