Lee 101 Storm Rider Dry Jacket 13 3/4oz. Rigid Selvage Denim


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Lee 101 Storm Rider Jacket

A painstaking reproduction of a rare archival Stormrider from the early 1950’s with a unique styling detail on the inside; The signature French blanket lining is left loose at the hem in a rare detail believed to be a throwback to early production when the shrinkage of the inner blanket wasn’t consistent and so the solution was to not attach it. Cut for in a relaxed fit – it’s perfect for layering – with a handwoven (in the Alps) blanket-lining to the body and sleeves. The soft taupe cord collar marks it out as a true Lee® icon. Cut from Lee®’s 49 selvage denim: a Japanese artisan-made left hand denim dyed with 13 dips of indigo and features a single line blue selvage. 100% premium cotton. The cotton is imported mainly from USA and the yarns are specially ring-spun for a higher quality finish. The shuttle looms used to craft this fabric only produce around 100 meters per 24h. A slow process, but definitely worth the wait. We’ve kept it dry and untouched for the wearer to break in naturally. Brass Lee® 101 buttons and pale gold threads.
Original Lefthand Rigid Selvage Denim 13 3/4 Oz

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