Indigofera X Björn Atldax – The Kappa Blanket


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Indigofera Wool blanket designed by Björn Atldax

The Kappa is a Japanese river monster that loves cucumbers and wrestling. They assault humans to try to remove the mythical ”Shirikodama” from their victim’s anus. It has a cavity on its head lled with water, if it dries out, it loses its powers. Fortunately it is also very polite, so, if you bow to greet it, it also does and the water on its head spill out.

Limited! 60 of each design made worldwide  and all blankets are numbered.


  • Indigofera x Björn Atldax
  • 100% Wool Blanket
  • 2m x 1,5m

Made in Norway