Why did we decide to stock Blundstone at Pinkomo?

Blundstone Boots now available in Pinkomo

One of our main driving forces behind Pinkomo is to offer goods that have been tried and tested over the years, goods that last more than just a couple of months. Goods that wouldn’t be thrown away after a couple of uses.

First and foremost, we value you, our customers above all, and want to offer what we believe suits the different lifestyles and habits you might have, from the offices and city streets, to the great outdoors.


Blundstone is a brand established 150 years ago (1870) in Hobart, Tasmania, and we deciced to add it to our selection for its quality and versatility. Blundstone’s can be easily worn while exploring the woods, as well as when having your everyday coffee at your local coffee shop.

Over the years, Blundstone boots have been worn by soldiers, workers, Everest expeditioners, artists, chefs, footballers… Pretty much by people in all professions, and in every field of life.

During its existence, the Blundstone company has faced many challenges but is still driven by the same quality ethos it had as when it was born. In the 1930s the Cuthberthson family acquired the company, and still to this day, the same family owns and runs the company.

Today, Blundstone boots are made in 6 different locations around the world, including Hobart, Tasmania, a town it was born in.


Besides quality, the ethical and environmental issues are also important to us at Pinkomo.

Blundstone say that they are committed to the policies of sustainable development which are shaping the agricultural, industrial and commercial profile of our world, and the state they are born in. Blundstone pursues development policies which are evaluated with reference to environmental considerations. They maximize the use of recycled and recyclable materials in manufacturing and packaging. They also minimize the use of raw material, chemicals and fossil fuels.

Blundstone Australia Pty. Ltd is also committed to ensuring that the people making the products are employed ethically and are free from exploitation. At a local level, this means that employment standards within Blundstone’s suppliers exceed the minimum government-prescribed standards in the country of operation. Blundstone takes a proactive approach to satisfying itself that the standard is maintained.

Also, you don’t have to worry when you wear your boots so much that the soles wear out – your Blundstone boots can be resoled.


In 1960s, Blundstone’s iconic #500 series was born. #500 series are pull-up-tab Chelsea boots that have been proven popular over the years by workers, adventurers, and creatives alike. Apart from technological improvements made to the soles, the design of the #500 series boots have remained the same since its inception.

For its versatility, the #500 series is also now very popular in the active vanlife communities around the world. Probably because of their versatility, and for the fact they are comfortable to wear, and should last years to come. In the active outdoor lifestyles, it’s good to pack light and have shoes which fit many occasions.

In Pinkomo, the first Blundstones we decided to stock are the #500 series for adults and kids, and the 122 safety work boot.

• Read more about Blundstone on their own website.

Photos courtesy of Blundstone.