Blundstone Kids 565 Classic Leather Boot



Blundstone kids chelsea boots rustic brown nubuck 565

The children’s boot 565 in brown is durable, lightweight and comfortable. The rustic brown nubuck gives a tough and robust look. The most important thing with children’s shoes is the footbed. Children’s feet must be able to grow carefree, because of the comfort of Blundstone the feet get optimal comfort. The rustic brown Blundstone 565 has a cool look due to its color, but is also very suitable for children during more chic occasions. In addition, they can simply be played in outside. The Blunnies 565 are based on the Blundstone classics. The Blundstone Chelsea boot 565 is a much sought-after brown ankle boot from the children’s range. The combination between brown elastic and brown leather is tough, daring and casual. What makes the 565 unique is that the classic is lined. This ensures ankle boots that are not only practical but also good growing children’s feet. Because the feet are free in the shoe, the children are confident. They do not suffer from tired feet during or after playing. The kids get control and feel free to have fun.

“Maximum comfort for the growing foot”

The Blundstone 565 children’s shoe is of real Blundstone quality. These nubuck boots can take a beating. This means that the shoe is very comfortable and healthy for the feet. This is partly due to the SPS (Shock Protection System) developed by Blundstone. This reduces shocks to the feet and legs by at least 33% when walking. Your children will therefore suffer much less from tired or sore feet. Also, when you cover the shoe with Blundstone Shoe Polish, the shoe becomes completely water-repellent, so that the quality remains intact, even when it rains. The shoe is also then easier to clean after it has become dirty.

Kids boots Classic Blundstone rustic brown leather 565

With Blundstone you are in the right place. You can contact us for all your questions about the different models. As the official importer of these shoes, we have the right knowledge. Each Blundstone child boot has a glued insole. This sole offers good comfort. In addition, an extra sole is always included. With this sole you can make the fit extra pleasant, for children with narrow feet. Children who are a bit on the spacious side in the Blundstone, get higher in the shoe by means of the extra sole. It is also the case that children’s feet grow quickly. If the shoes are on the large side in size, put the extra sole in the boots., if the children’s feet grow quickly, take them out again. This way the Chelsea boots last a long time! Do you also want to walk on a pair of Blundstone and walk the streets in high fashion with the children’s shoes 565? Then contact us.

The stylish Blundstone classic 565 kids

• Rustic brown kids shoes
• Removable footbed for your own orthotic insoles • Water repellent
• Label patch
• Kids unisex
• Round nose
• Flexible grip
• Leather rustic brown children’s boots
• Strong material
• Flexible sole

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