TCB Jeans Slim 50’s Jeans, Low Waist Slim Tapered

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Fabric:Approx.13.5oz Zimbabwe Cotton 100%
Details:Hand-made paper patch
Threads:Sewing thread 100% cotton (Thread Color:4 different/ Yarn count: 5 kinds)

Our most popular model : TCB 50’s Jeans made in reverence of 50’s vintage with the paper patch.
We’ve carefully studied a vintage piece TCB owns to every single detail from the shape to the yarn count for each seams.
The fabric used is 13.5 OZ, made of Zimbabwe cotton.
It has the natural unevenness such as unstable thread thickness and irregular tense on the fabric made by a vintage loom, not by the main stream methods of the computer regulation.
The fades start showing as white dots appearing in the beginning and then each dots will get connected together. As a result, it will show so beautiful vertical fades like the authentic vintage pieces.
As for the silhouette, TCB 50’s has a high rise and relaxed fit with a bit of tapering towards the hems.
When attaching the hidden rivets on the back pockets, we’ve adopted the most durable method out of many ways to do it.
The paper patch is all sewn by hands. At around the timing when the fades start to look great, the patch starts to be torn apart, showing the dark blue from the inside.
As with the commitment to the reproducibility of the sewing methods,
we payed the closest attention to it as the sewing factory from Kojima, Japan. We’ve picked up 4 different colors and 5 different yarn counts for the sewing yarns. The sewing width differs depending on where, of course we picked them up carefully, true to the vintage, including the setting and the adjustment of the vintage sewing machines.

When you look at the seams on the pocket bags, they used to be roughly sewn. To this sort of negative points, we did the same rough sewing on the pocket bags whilst keeping the durability there. So many hidden commitments here and there to be found as you wear and love this jeans.

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