TCB Jeans 60’s Jeans, Regular Waist Regular Tapered Leg



Fabric:13oz TCB exclusive fabric made of 100% San Joaquin Cotton
Details:Hand-made paper patch
Sewing thread:Cotton yarn (Yarn count 20)

This is the recreation of the early 60’s masterpiece.
it is the more blueish indigo and the slubbiness and the hairy surface that are often considered as the characteristics from the era. Of course, the reproduction is fulfilled professionally to this day by us.
The fabric is 13 OZ, made of San Joaquin cotton.
The San Joaquin cotton is harvested in the southern part of the Central valley amidst the vast farmland located in the centre of California.
The farmland area is surrounded by the mountains and the cottons there are watered using the pure groundwater sourced by the snowmelt water from the beautiful mountains.
It’s a tapered fit with a relaxed rise and thigh width.
For the sewing process, the Core yarn thread in yarn count of 20 is used throughout this jeans.
The paper patch is all hand-made. when the jeans got pretty faded in general, then it’s about the time the paper patch gets torn, leading to showing the dark indigo face from there. When sewing the patch onto the waist, it used to be done in one-stroke in the 50’s but then in the 60’s, the patch was attached after the construction of jeans itself. The seams around the patch were attached a few mm inner to the centre so that as you wear the fringe of the patch goes a bit round-ish, which is a good character from 60’s denim, I believe.
As you wear and love this jeans, it’ll show you so many commitments we’ve made.

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