Saphir Medaille D`or Renovateur 100 years


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  • To celebrate Saphir’s 100 year anniversary, a limited edition of Saphir’s iconic Renovateur cream comes in 100ml which is 33% more for the same price.


The Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner is considered to be the absolute best all-purpose shoe care product available worldwide. Saphir Renovateur is great for use as a conditioner during a normal shine or used alone between shines.

This is one of the most-popular Saphir products.

It is an all-purpose cleaner and conditioner.

Water-based formulation – no solvents.

Rejuvenates leather through deep conditioning.

Contains waxes and mink oil for soft matte patina

Does not block shining


Made in France.