Saphir Medaille Dor Omni`Nettoyant


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Saphir’s Omni’Nettoyant is a stain remover and cleaner for suede, nubuck, and textiles. This cleaner is essential to the proper care of any pair of suede shoes, as time-to-time shampooing is necessary to remove accumulated dirt.

Saphir Omni’Nettoyant is an incredibly efficient cleaner and will clean and renew suede shoes.

Suede needs to be cleaned at least every few months to remove the dirt that hides in the pile.  Omni’Nettoyant contains a solvent that penetrates deeply into the suede to remove the dirt and bring the original pigment to the surface – which makes the suede look like new.

Suede is very robust and doesn’t scratch or scuff but it does get dirty so with occasional shampooing, a good pair of suede or nubuck shoes can last ages!!

Omni’Nettoyant can also be added to water and used to clean excess polish and dirt off of leather shoes prior to the application of wax and cream polishes. Simply apply a small amount to a cloth and wipe the shoe down.

Safe to use on even the finest suede.

Can also be used on nubuck and textile shoes.

Restores and revitalizes tired, dirty suede shoes.

A suede care must!
Made in France.