Indigofera X Björn Atldax – Mixted Calender Blanket


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Indigofera Wool blanket designed by Björn Atldax

The Mixtec mosaic skull represent the god Tezcatlipoca. One of four powerful creator deities and an adversary to Quetzalcoatl. The border consists of 20 symbols that is the base of the Mixtec calendar: The Tonalpohualli. It is a cycle of 260 days, each day signied by a combination of a number from 1 to 13, and one of the 20 day signs.

Limited! 60 of each design made worldwide  and all blankets are numbered.


  • Indigofera x Björn Atldax
  • 100% Wool Blanket
  • 2m x 1,5m

Made in Norway