Brooklyn Grooming – PILGRIM’S™ SHOP SOAP


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Wash away everyday grease and grit with Pilgrim’s Shop Soap, a tough soap with a gentle edge that will provide a deep clean while keeping your skin hydrated.  This soap creates a light, foamy lather that thoroughly washes, and helps alleviate rough areas of the skin, leaving it cleansed, strengthened, and protected.

The proprietary combination of sun-dried and mineral rich Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco, blended with cedarwood, bergamot, and rosewood essential oils will impart your skin with a rejuvenating cleanse, generating a silken smooth end result. Uniquely handcrafted in Vermont, Pilgrim’s Shop is a vegan soap produced from some of the finest natural ingredients to enhance the therapeutic treatment of the skin.

A woodsy scent with earthy undertones and notes of pine, our soap is an invigorating and refreshing, well-balanced aroma. The subtle rustic scent is both soothing and inviting. Our Pilgrim’s Shop Soap will galvanize your senses, leaving you smelling as good as you look. A hard-working soap for a hard-working man.

What it smells like?

Woodsy scent with earthy undertones and notes of pine

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY