Ampal SINGLE Strapback


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At first there was none… finless hand carved wooden alaia’s and olo’s, hewn from logs but well suited for the rolling waves of Waikiki.  Post WWII, saw the introduction of polyurethane foam/fiberglass and widespread adoption of fins (Simmons had used both single and twin fins since the 30s).

I wanted to honor, what I consider the pinnacle of the single fin design and maybe the most beautiful surfboard template ever created – the teardrop single fin.  Roots in the early guns for big Makaha and early north shore charging, refined over the next decade to a sleek board for serious surf – Gerry dropping in at pipe or Uluwatu on a sleek Bolt, a Brewer single fin going mach 4 off the bottom at Sunset…

Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA


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