Indigofera Prima Jeans – Better when worn

Indigofera Prima Jeans is a Swedish brand, established in 2009. They are well known for their fabrics, mostly developed for them in Japanese, European and American fabric mills.

Indigofera values the vast history of quality garment making and they are very experienced in the history of quality denim, for example. Indigofera is inspired by the times when clothes were made to last, the 50s, 60s, etc. Although Indigofera value and are inspired by the history of quality clothing, they still like to update things to fit this day and age. Therefore, some of their fits have been updated to fit the modern lifestyle, but some still have that 50s and 60s boxy feeling as well.

They are meticulous when developing their fabrics. Most of the fabrics Indigofera uses are developed by them and made in Japanese, European, and American textile mills exclusively for Indigofera. They have some reoccurring styles/fits from season to season, but many of their fabrics are only available in one season. Therefore, if you see a shirt, jacket, a blanket, etc. you like, we highly recommend getting it, as it might never be available again.

Better when worn

Most Indigofera garments are developed so that they get better when worn. For example, their Norris flannel shirts are made from Japanese selvedge fabrics which are designed to age well. Their Norris shirts age pretty much like a pair of raw denim.

Speaking of denim, Indigofera denim is also very great. In their denim jeans, for example, they use Japanese denim developed for them. We recommend all of their denim pants/fabrics, but want to highlight their shrink to fit (shrink to prima fit, in Indigofera’s case) denim, which is not sanforized and will literally shrink to fit when first soaked. Also, their famously named black denim, gunpowder denim, is a great fabric. The name comes from the fact that there are some of the same components in the fabric as in gunpowder. Their black gunpowder denim also ages like raw denim, getting better when worn. We highly recommend you to try all Indigofera denim.

Blankets to keep you warm

Indigofera’s blankets are also one thing that sets them apart. Their blankets are woven from 100% pure Norwegian wool in a Norwegian factory that has been making blankets for many many decades. Indigofera blankets work also as decorative pieces and will definitely keep you warm in those cold evenings and nights.

Collaboration Collections that even work as pieces of art

Every once in a while, Indigofera also does collaboration collections or collaboration pieces that are limited.

For example, they’ve done collaborations with the American musician/artist Israel Nash, the writer/poet/artist Obi Kaufmann aka Coyote and Thunder, the Swedish brewery Omnipollo, and the world-renowned artist Wes Lang, whose artworks can be found in the collections of major museums around the world, and who has famously worked with the likes of Kanye West, for example.

Wes Lang’s artworks are pretty sought after and pricey, but you can buy an Indigofera Wes Lang blanket and put it on your wall and you’ll have yourself an authentic Wes Lang painting hanging in your home.

To learn more about Indigofera visit their Instagram, and check out what Indigofera pieces we have in stock at our store at the moment.

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